Pamela Usera is trained in research Paralegal and documentation.  She has experience with financial management, data, data entry and report writing. 

Dr. Usera has been an institutional researcher and evaluator for over 30 years.  He has used his education and experiences as an applied mathematician, statistician and administrator in over 275 programs and projects.  He has worked for education, health, social services, and       non-profit organizations to document their successes and requirements for improvement of services and programing. As a member of the American Evaluation Association and American Statistical Association he attempts to keep current with new procedures and techniques that will help clients document the effectiveness of their programs or projects.

Pamela Y. Usera


Data & Office Manager

Dr. John J. Usera


Principal Evaluator & Analyst


Dr. Curtis brings to the evaluation team experience in mathematical modeling and the application of statistical models to any program or project study.  She has been teaching all levels of mathematics from basic algebra to statistics to calculus for 22 years.  Her expertise includes the development of online training and course materials that assures quality and user friendly learning experiences.  Currently, she holds a teaching position at Madison College and is the Arts & Sciences Online Program Coordinator.  She has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Kansas State University.

Evaluator & Analyst

John J. Usera & Associates, Inc

     Delta Evaluation Consulting, LLC

Dr. Karena M. Curtis