John J. Usera & Associates, Inc

     Delta Evaluation Consulting, LLC

About Our Team

John J. Usera & Associates, Inc (Delta Evaluation Consulting, LLC) focuses on program evaluation, organizational and community assessments, and epidemiological studies.  The organization serves as an independent and external evaluator for non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, hospitals, clinics, governmental agencies,  and educational institutions.  As part of its mission, it strives to help programs and projects measure their effectiveness through the use of collaborative and empowerment evaluation processes. 

The team has over 30 years of experience in the areas of program evaluation and assessment.  It focuses on helping organizations measure the achievement of their goals and objectives by using rigorous evaluation designs and appropriate statistical tools to report the effectiveness of a program or project.   

The team  brings experience in providing culturally competent evaluation for American Indian, African American, and Hispanic programs and projects.  It makes a commitment to deliver an evaluation, assessment or study which includes planning, implementation, and dissemination of findings.  

Contact us for information.  There is no cost until there is a professional agreement to perform  a study or evaluation.  We welcome all inquiries.